Credit Financial Analysis
Credit Financial Analysis
In-house Training (5-8 days)

This program is designed especially for beginners and also for experienced in the field of credit analysis with emphasis on the aspect of skill development of existing and complementary to beginners with a variety of skills they will need to succeed in dealing with their client base and allow them to continue to develop the success of the bank in which they work.

This program essentially teaches understanding of the business and its relationship with the risk of lending. With a better understanding of good business, the lending officer will be more sensitive to the risks faced by its customers and can provide financial solutions in the form of banking products accordingly.

In practice, internal communication between "lending officer" and the credit committee often does not run smoothly. The information presented in the "Credit Memo" is often imprecise, less deep, less emphasis on things that are important so as not to support the decision making process.

This training focuses on how we fix these problems are partly due to the lack of ability to convey information such as: customer business background, the business risks and the reasons related with the appropriate lending product offerings and a good credit structure.

By attending this course, the participants will:
- be capable of making the industry analysis for customers;
- understand how to analyze financial statements;
- understand the customer business risks;
- be able to recommend the appropriate banking products for business and risk profile of the customer; and
- be able to convey information regarding the above matters effectively into the "Credit Memo" with the quality of the writing and good reporting so as to support credit decision-making.

The agenda includes the following topics:
  • General Environment Analysis
  • Industry Analysis
  • Supply Chain Analysis
  • Target Market Analysis
  • Bank Risk Management
  • Credit Risk Management
  • Credit Pricing, Credit Structure & Problem Loan Management
  • Monitoring and Oversight of Credit Risk, Credit Risk Early Warning Signals
  • Business dynamics and Its Impact on Financial Statements
  • The Nature of the Balance Sheet, Income and Cash Flows
  • Creating Credit Application
  • Creating Credit Applications (with an actual example)
  • Time Series and Peer Analysis
  • Analysis of Profitability, Liquidity, Cash Flows and Solvency
  • Analysis of Quality Management & Business Prospects
  • Key Credit Risks & Mitigations, Opini & Rekomendasi
  • Group Presentation
  • Post Test & Evaluation